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  • Old accounting system not doing the job?
  • Business getting more complicated?
  • Shipping processes need streamlining?
  • Inventory complexity increasing?
  • Manufacturing planning and control taking too much time?
  • Customers demanding faster feedback, electronic data interchange, more flexible invoicing? The boss needs better, more versatile, accurate reports?
  • Just plain time for upgrading to a widely-respected, top quality mid-size business accounting system?

That's what we have been helping companies like yours to get done, for twenty years.


. If you are in the Olympia-Tacoma-Seattle area and considering a better accounting system, call or e-mail our Washington office for a free on-site consultation. We are located in Kent, Washington--a dynamic and growing community in the heart of Washington's Puget Sound Business Corridor.



We consider your plans and problems, your company's strengths and unmet accounting needs, then recommend possible solutions.

If MAS90 or MAS200 is right for you, we'll show you just how right they can be. If another solution would be more appropriate, we'll tell you that, too.

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We sell, service and expertly train
Sage Software's flagship mid-range accounting systems. Triad Cyber has been winning sales, service and training awards for two decades with our expert instruction, inventive business adaptations, and quick-response phone and on-site support. Assisting companies in getting through growth pains to growth gains is the heart of our business.

If you are ready to grow and go, contact us today.

Are you headed for

Earth Orbit or beyond?

We've got a special interest in assisting with your start-up accounting needs.


  • A superior, capable accounting system able to handle tough challenges
  • Supportive people who work with you to get things done
  • Local support that is there when you need it
  • A steady experienced hand with cutting edge technical knowledge
  • No frills, no games attention to the job ahead.

You want Triad Cyber
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