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Every business needs accounting functions, to meet legal requirements, to manage business traffic, to serve as a repository for a company's financial memory, and to provide the basis for the sound decision-making that underlies successful growth...

...Whether that business is earthbound, or starbound.

. THIS IS A GRAND TIME at the threshhold of humanity's emergence from a planetary species to an interplanetary one.

A few bold companies are girding themselves to do corporate battle on a new playing field, one that is anything but level. In fact, at this early stage, you might say it is vertical.

Triad Cyber has been working with new companies fighting the start-up and expansion battle for two decades, across many disciplines. We have a special understanding of the engineering and technical challenges that are at the center of what is essentially a hard-science effort to make "science fiction" a reality.

We also have a clear-eyed respect for the earthbound forces that can work against your creative success. We are ready to lend our expertise to the adventure of heading Out There.

Accounting is not rocket science, but it's definitely one of the rocks on which to build your launchpad.

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